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Pencil sketching is form of raw art of which nobody can keep one’s concerns away. Yes, we all love sketches. And we love to see more and more of this art form.Fatima Khan is one of wonderful drawing artists professionally and she has been showing her talents in the field of pencil sketch art form since few years from now.

About Us

Entflame stands for Entertainment Flame from Kathmandu, Nepal presenting various entertaining contents and more to its audience and followers since the beginning of the year 2016. We are huge team aiming at representing online media and reach huge audience world-wide. Entflame is an output of years of plannings and implementation to grow towards online media featuring wide contents such as free music tutorials, latest or famous karaoke track, music videos, drama, creative arts, poetry, articles, photography, national and international news, forex trends, music and movie reviews, pranks and social experiment videos, short movies, parodies, stunt tutorials and videos, song lyrics and chords, etc.  Moreover we provide various products and productions. There’s a lot more to come in future.

  • Melody that pleases your soul

    We heartily support music and that’s why we work hard to provide karaoke, cover songs and music tutorials and pro tabs along with lyrics and chords for highly demanded songs either national or international. We also provide recording facility for original and covers, movie scoring, jingles for ads, etc.  so feel free to contact us for the purpose.

  • Videos you love

    Almost every entertaining and learning categories of videos are covered. We also have video productions, so feel free to contact us for the purpose.

  • Photography

    Everyone loves photography be it fashion or natural photography or cultural photography or something else. We share free contents as well as platform for buyers requiring copyrighted photography products.

  • News and reviews

    Daily national and international news updates covering top/important news of the day rather than bunch of uninteresting contents covering your screen.

    Reviews about music, videos and various products such as electronic gadgets, trending products and more.

  • Forex trending news and guides

    Foreign Exchange is vital part of online trading platform. We want to help everyone learn to trade right and that’s why we support them with trending news, analysis and technical guidance.

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