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Augusto Mendes Insists He is Innocent of UFC Anti-Doping Violation

Bantamweight competitor Augusto Mendes was pulled from his upcoming bout at UFC Fight Night in Atlantic City on Wednesday after an out-of-competition drug test was flagged by USADA, but he insists he is innocent.

According to UFC officials, Mendes had a sample taken on March 7 that was flagged as a potential doping violation and due to the close proximity to his upcoming fight on April 21, the promotion pulled him for the event.

Mendes on Wednesday issued a statement, proclaiming his innocence and saying he would exhaust all means to prove it.

August Mendes’ Statement Proclaiming Innocence in His UFC Anti-Doping Violation Case

On March 20th in the afternoon, I was surprised with a notification from USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency), informing me of a potential violation to their doping regulations on a test presented on March 7th of this month.

In my 20 years of martial arts, I have never used any substance that would enhance my performance. With this being said, I am shocked and express my total innocence on this situation. I put myself 100% in the governing entity disposition to clarify this case as fast as possible under all regulations.















In the past months, I have not changed my supplement routine. I am always respectful of all regulations presented by USADA. I have been tested 7 times in the past year and have passed all with no problems or worries. Because of my professionalism and personal character, I respect the work done by USADA in pro of all MMA fighters and their legitimacy to fight. I will incur in all means necessary and possible that will allow me prove my innocence in this case. I live the glories and feel the bitter taste of defeat that this sport brings.

In 2016, due to a left knee injury, I was forced to sit on the sidelines of all sport activity for a whole year. I know and dislike what a doping sanction can do for my career. I would never make this mistake to myself. For all this, I have been pulled out of my fight with Merab Dvalishvili scheduled for UFC Fight Night 128 on April 21st.

I would like to thank all of my fans who are sending me through social media all sort of words of love, encouragement, trust and confidence that all this will be settled in my favor.

To my fans, friends, training partners, to the UFC and Merab Dvalishvili, I would like to apologize for my absence in the programmed fight and I am confident that a new adversary will be found so you can all have a great fight.

I will see you all soon in the octagon.
Thank you!!!

This past Wednesday March 20th in the afternoon I was surprised with a notification from USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency), informing me of a potential violation to their doping regulations on a test presented on March 7th of this month. In my 20 years of martial arts, I have never used any substance that would enhance my performance. With this being said, I am shocked and express my total innocence on this situation. I put myself 100% in the governing entity disposition to clarify this case as fast as possible under all regulations. In the past months I have not changed my supplement routine. I am always respectful of all regulations presented by USADA. I have been tested 7 times in the past year and have passed all with no problems or worries. Because of my professionalism and personal character I respect the work done by USADA in pro of all MMA fighters and their legitimacy to fight. I will incur in all means necessary and possible that will allow me prove my innocence in this case. I live the glories and feel the bitter taste of defeat that this sport brings. In 2016, due to a left knee injury I was forced to sit on the sidelines of all sport activity for a whole year. I know and dislike what a doping sanction can do for my career. I would never make this mistake to myself. For all this I have been pulled out of my fight with Mareb Dvalishvili scheduled for UFC Fight Night 128 on April 21st. I would like to thank all of my fans who are sending me through social media all sort of words of love, encouragement , trust and confidence that all this will be settled in my favor. To my fans, friends, training partners, to the UFC and Mareb Dvalishvili, I would like to apologize for my absence in the programmed fight and I am confident that a new adversary will be found so you can all have a great fight. I will see you all soon in the octagon. Thank you -Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God. Luke 18:27 *PORTUGUÊS NOS COMENTÁRIOS*

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Demetrious Johnson still interested in T.J. Dillashaw superfight, but not the UFC bantamweight belt


Most of the talk about a proposed superfight between UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw and flyweight titleholder T.J. Dillashaw has centered on the idea that Dillashaw would go down to 125 pounds and challenge the longest-reigning current UFC champ for his title.


That goes against the grain of most superfights, in which the smaller competitor tends to step up in weight. Such is the case for the last UFC superfight, when lightweight champion B.J. Penn went up and fought welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre in 2009, or the next one, when light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier meets Stipe Miocic at UFC 226.

But Johnson, for his part, has a simple explanation for why Dillashaw would come down to his turf: DJ has no interest in defending the bantamweight title, if he was to defeat Dillashaw at 135.

“I’m going to be frank and honest,” Johnson said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “If I went up there and beat T.J. Dillashaw at 135 pounds, I have no interest whatsoever in staying at 135. People are like ‘why not?’ and I’m like I have no interest in fighting guys who walk around at 160 pounds.”

Johnson, who had a successful run at 135 pounds before the UFC instituted the flyweight division in 2012, is looking at the big picture, and he wholeheartedly believes that fighting competitors significantly heavier than he is over the long term will not help his prospects.

“That’s going to put more wear and tear on your body,” Johnson said. “You can do X, Y, and Z. I’m looking at the my longevity of my career, I want to fight another 5-6 years whether I win or lose, and I’m going to do that fighting guys my size. You look at the ‘Suga Show,’ Sean O’Malley. The guy is 5-11. My god, I mean, it’s just, it creates more, and obviously I would do it if the money was right, but I’m not going to sit here and argue with somebody who doesn’t believe I should make X, Y, and Z, who believe I should do something.”

Johnson, alas, wasn’t able to offer any hint on when the Dillashaw fight might actually happen. While he says it’s still the fight he most wants, and while he would ideally have the fight at UFC 226 along with Miocic vs. Cormier, he reports that talks have gone “dormant.”

“That’s the fight I want,” Johnson said. “That’s the fight I believe that should go down. I believe the UFC knows that’s the fight that I want. The biggest thing I’ve been really focusing on is letting Malki [Kawa] and Abe [Kawa] at First Round Management handle that stuff. I have, they’re great managers and I told them what I want and they talk to the UFC. I think the talks with Malki and those guys have kind have gone dormant.”

For his part, Johnson says he understands the UFC has other options it can look at, but still believes this is the fight to make.

“At the end of the day, UFC is a business,” Johnson said. “T.J. obviously just won the belt and he’s been the champ for maybe five or six months, and so there’s still a line of contenders he could fight in the division. You have your Dominick Cruz, Jimmie Rivera, the Cody Garbrandt rematch, so they have options for that one. Whereas for me, I have options as well and rematches and whatever. But I think TJ wants this fight because it is probably a bigger paycheck for him, and hopefully for me too, so we’ll see what the UFC wants to do.”

If the Dillashaw fight doesn’t work out, and he instead ends up rematching a prior flyweight opponent such as Henry Cejudo or Joseph Benavidez, then so be it.

“At the end of the day, it’s a paycheck,” Johnson said. “If you’re going to make as much money as you are, when you’re fighting someone else, that’s the one thing I always tell people is I would never turn down the truly rightful No. 1 contender in my division, because the UFC can actually strip you. They can say, you’re not going to fight the No. 1 contender, we can strip you. So okay, you know what, Henry Cejudo is the No. 1 contender, we deem him the legit No. 1 contender, and then I’m going to fight him again blah blah blah, if he’s truly the No. 1 contender I will fight them.”

Johnson, who announced a partnership with the energy drink Xevia on Monday’s MMA Hour, is still going through rehab for a shoulder injury, believes he’ll be ready in time for International Fight Week.

And if it does end up Johnson gets the Dillashaw superfight after all, it will be at 125, because he’s far more interested in building on his record 11 consecutive title defenses than in collecting belts in different weight classes.

“[Dillashaw] wants to make the weight cut,” Johnson said. “He wants to make the weight cut, he wants to be the champ champ and all that jazz. I don’t care about being the champ champ. I want to be the only consecutive 12-time defending champion in any mixed martial arts promotion. … The champ champ is old news nowadays. But you know what is brand-new news? 11-time defending champion.”

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Stephen Hawking, author of ‘A Brief History of Time,’ dies at 76

Stephen Hawking, an award-winning physicist and influential author, died early Wednesday morning, a family spokesman told ABC News. He was 76.

Hawking, whose books included “A Brief History of Time” and “The Universe in a Nutshell,” was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1962.


Mathematical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking in his office circa 1982.


The family did not disclose the cause of death, but said he “died peacefully” at his home in Cambridge, England.

“We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years,” the family said in a statement. “His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world. He once said, ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.’ We will miss him forever.”


Stephen Hawking attends the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Royal Opera House, Feb. 8, 2015 in London.


Hawking leaves behind his wife, Lucy, and two sons, Robert and Tim. They thanked his fans who have “been by Professor Hawking’s side –- and supported him -– throughout his life.”

Hawking was considered one of the leading voices in science because of his extensive research and work related to understanding the universe.

“I never expected to reach 75, so I feel very fortunate to be able to reflect on my legacy,” Hawking said in a BBC interview last year.


Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking poses during a screening of the documentary ‘Hawking’, a film about the scientist’s life, in Cambridge, Sept. 19, 2013.


He made several major discoveries throughout his career, and once said said his greatest achievement was his discovery that black holes are not entirely black.

“I think my greatest achievement will be my discovery that black holes are not entirely black,” he said, adding how that discovery would be critical to “understanding how paradoxes between quantum mechanics and general relativity can be resolved.”

In a 2010 interview with ABC’s “World New Tonight,” Hawking was asked about the best fatherly advice he’d given.

“Here are the most important pieces of advice that I’ve passed on to my children,” he said. “One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember is it rare and don’t throw it away.”

Here’s timeline of Stephen Hawking’s life, compiled by the Associated Press:

Jan. 8, 1942 — Born in Oxford, England, the eldest of four children born to Frank Hawking, a biologist, and Isobel Hawking, a medical research secretary.

1952 — Attends St. Albans School.

1959 — Receives scholarship to attend University College, Oxford, from which he graduates with a degree in Natural Science.

1962 — Begins graduate research in cosmology at Cambridge University.

1963 — Diagnosed with the degenerative nerve disorder ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, at the age of 21. He is given two years to live.

Jul. 14, 1965 — Marries his first wife, Jane Wilde, a modern languages student he met at Cambridge.

1967 — The couple’s first son, Robert, is born.

1970 — Jane gives birth to a daughter, Lucy.

1974 — Elected as a fellow of the Royal Society at age 32, one of the youngest people to receive the honor.

1979 — Becomes Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a prestigious position once held by Isaac Newton. Hawking holds the post until 2009. Jane gives birth to a third child, Timothy.

1985 — Admitted to a hospital in Geneva with pneumonia. He survives after an operation, but loses what remained of his speech. The next year he begins communicating through the electronic voice synthesizer that gave him his trademark robotic “voice.”

1988 — Publishes “A Brief History of Time,” a book on cosmology aimed at the general public that becomes an instant best-seller.

1989 — Made a Companion of Honor by Queen Elizabeth II.

1995 — Marries his nurse, Elaine Mason.

2007 — Divorces Elaine Mason.

2014 — Hawking’s life is celebrated in the Oscar-winning biopic “The Theory of Everything,” based on the memoir “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen,” by Jane Hawking.

She Dropped Everything To Come Fight For Immigration Reform. She’s Still Waiting.

Undocumented activists, including 19-year-old Arlin, call for legal protections on Capitol Hill.


WASHINGTON — Last September, Karla Aguirre left her family and her South Carolina main residence and loaded onto a flight to Washington, D.C., to battle for her entitlement to stay in the United States. It should be a short outing — there was bipartisan help in Congress for measures to secure undocumented outsiders like her. Nevertheless, over four months after the fact, she is still here.


“There’s no explanation behind me to backpedal home where things will be precisely the same,” Aguirre, 22, said. “The purpose of us being here is to roll out an improvement. … This is my work, to ensure that my family is OK.”


Aguirre is one of several undocumented youngsters who have evacuated their lives to advocate for a bill that would give them lawful status and a way to citizenship. In the country’s capital, they rest in chapels, houses and, less frequently, lodgings. They spend their days planning to go to the Capitol, going to administrators’ workplaces and sharing their stories with expectations of energizing help. They spend their evenings hanging out and talking, frequently excessively drained, making it impossible to do much else. Their type of fun is droning, Aguirre said.


A large number of these youthful activists planned to be home at this point. President Donald Trump proclaimed a conclusion to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, in September, getting under way a procedure that will in the end cause about 700,000 undocumented youngsters to lose two-year work grants and expelling insurances unless Congress ventures in. Trump set a “due date” of March 5, at which time extensive quantities of DACA beneficiaries will start to lose their assurances every day, albeit thousands as of now have. Due to a court administering, DACA beneficiaries can presently apply for an individual reestablishment, yet the Trump organization is battling to stop them.


Democrats guaranteed to push for re-established insurances before the finish of December, and after that again in January, despite everything they’re promising now, yet there haven’t been votes on a DACA charge in either the House or the Senate, which are both controlled by Republicans. Trump offered a system a month ago that the White House said would give a way to citizenship to 1.8 million youthful undocumented outsiders, yet he likewise requested far reaching fringe security assets, a divider, more simplicity in ousting kids and refuge searchers, and inconsequential slices to lawful movement. Democrats and even a few Republicans shot down the thought. Trump is not moving — he said on Tuesday that he would “love to see a shutdown” of the legislature over it.


That implies activists like Aguirre cannot go home yet. She is presently working for United We Dream, a backing bunch drove by undocumented youth. The gathering has been holding instructional courses for approximately 300 undocumented youngsters from around the nation every week ― they come to Washington with their own particular assets or the assistance of contributors ― to show them how to share their stories and push for change. They at that point backpedal home and urge others to do likewise. At the point when undocumented foreigners make visits to officials’ workplaces, Aguirre is frequently on the primary floor of the building, prepared to help on the off chance that anything goes amiss.


Migration advocates firmly trust that individual stories are more compelling than offers to administrators’ political advantages in pushing them to grasp change. Yet, individual stories can be troublesome for undocumented workers to share, given the injury that drove a significant number of them to the U.S. what’s more, the historical backdrop of staying silent about their movement status. Aguirre went to the U.S. with her family when she was 6 years of age, attempting to escape destitution and savagery in Mexico. She initially got DACA assurances in 2013, and her present allow lapses in 2019.


Aguirre went to a semester of school however couldn’t complete a degree as a result of the cost. Albeit a few states offer lower in-state educational cost at state funded colleges to undocumented settlers who grew up there, South Carolina does not. At first, she didn’t see herself reflected in the Dreamer account, which in the past concentrated generally on youngsters in graduation tops and outfits or holding upscale employments. She needs legislators to realize that undocumented youngsters who went to the U.S. as youngsters all merit help ―, as do their families.


Arlin, a 19-year-old DACA beneficiary who asked that her last name be withheld as a result of security concerns, likewise feels the story about Dreamers should be more comprehensive. She cleared out Mexico at age 3 and experienced childhood in a residential area in North Carolina. Arlin moved on from secondary school last June however isn’t going to school in light of the fact that even with grants, it’s excessively costly. (North Carolina likewise banishes undocumented understudies from accepting in-state educational cost.)


Arlin landed in Washington in November for a United We Dream preparing and, as Aguirre, chose to dedicate herself to the reason full-time. She returned later in the month and has been here since, other than a couple of brief breaks for occasions and after the last shutdown. She is associated with a large number of the workplace visits, where undocumented youngsters endeavor to converse with officials face to face. When they can’t, they in some cases decline to forget until the point that they’re kicked.


A few people contend these office takeovers don’t work, Aguirre stated, however she underpins the strategy. They just do it, she stated, in the event that they can’t inspire government officials to converse with the general population who have made a trip far to be there.


The youthful activists have been helped through the high points and low points of the previous months by the feeling of group among those in D.C. Individuals who were conceived everywhere throughout the world and grew up everywhere throughout the U.S. are here in Washington for a similar objective. Arlin has been motivated by got notification from individuals who moved on from school or found their fantasy occupations, and overwhelmed by the stories from individuals living close to the fringe who are hesitant to go to the clinic since its previous a checkpoint. She has found out about companions’ families and after that met them face to face. Individual undocumented promoters now feel like her family, as well.


At the point when Senate Democrats voted a month ago to revive the administration without recharging DACA securities, numerous undocumented youngsters viewed from the exhibition in tears. However, Arlin said she advised them that they are intense.


“We’re undocumented people ― we should make it this far,” she said. “We have individuals who have graduated school, we have individuals with employments, we have individuals in Washington, D.C., in the Capitol, being undocumented, being unafraid and simply yelling out their stories.”

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Manchester United 2-0 Huddersfield Town

Alexis Sanchez arrived at Old Trafford from Arsenal in a swap deal involving Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Alexis Sanchez scored his first objective for Manchester United as they serenely beat Huddersfield to send the guests into the Premier League’s transfer zone.

After an uneventful first half, Romelu Lukaku gave United the lead on 55 minutes with a short proximity volley.

Sanchez was then fouled by Huddersfield safeguard Michael Hefele to win a punishment and the Chilean, a January marking from Arsenal, ventured up to take the spot-kick.

The forward observed his low shot spared by Jonas Lossl, yet committed no error with the bounce back to twofold United’s lead on his home presentation.

It was an enthusiastic day at Old Trafford as United celebrated the 60th commemoration of the Munich air calamity with a moment’s hush before commence.

With Premier League pioneers Manchester City drawing 1-1 at Burnley in the early commence, second-put United limited the hole to 13 focuses.

In any case, it was a fifth progressive group overcome for Huddersfield, who are without a win in eight class recreations and now sit nineteenth.

Manchester United chief Jose Mourinho uncovered after the amusement that Belgium midfielder Marouane Fellaini has had knee surgery and is required to return before the finish of March.

Pogba dropped, yet Sanchez makes his check

Mourinho rang the progressions after the 2-0 midweek overcome by Tottenham and the United group sheet raised a couple of eyebrows before commence.

Focus back Phil Jones, who scored a possess objective at Wembley, was dropped from the matchday squad all together, while 21-year-old midfielder Scott McTominay was liked to £89m Frenchman Paul Pogba, who dropped to the seat out of the blue since his arrival to the club in August 2016.

After the diversion, Mourinho said Pogba had not been sidelined as discipline and felt it had not been a “major call”.

“To sit on the seat one day isn’t the apocalypse,” the Portuguese said.

“The aim isn’t to rebuff anybody. To rebuff somebody I additionally require somebody to rebuff me since we are a group. I rolled out a couple of improvements pondering the attributes of this diversion.”

He included: “You need to open spaces by playing straightforward. That is the reason I played the child [McTominay]. In any case, Paul went ahead extremely well with an awesome state of mind. No questions for me, he is one of most skilled midfield players on the planet.”

Joined felt they ought to have had a punishment following 20 minutes, when Terence Kongolo clacked McTominay in the territory, however ref Stuart Attwell waved away their interests and the adolescent proceeded in the wake of getting treatment.

Regardless of appreciating over 76% ownership, the home side needed ease and innovativeness in the primary half and neglected to inconvenience Lossl, ban a long-go exertion from Sanchez and an early endeavor from Jesse Lingard.

Sanchez, making his third begin for his new club, gave off an impression of being getting more baffled as the half wore on and he was reserved for an irritable foul on Florent Hadergjonaj.

Joined began the second half with genuine reason and deservedly led the pack when Juan Mata’s cross was met by Lukaku for the Belgian’s nineteenth objective since joining the club.

With 25 minutes to go, Pogba in the end went ahead and United soon had their second prior to the amusement dwindled.

Notwithstanding the three focuses which keep United above Chelsea and Liverpool in the race for second place, Mourinho will be content with a fifteenth clean sheet in the alliance this season for David de Gea.

Reds needed to separate Huddersfield’s ‘Berlin Wall’ – Mourinho

Stressing times for the Terriers

This execution was completely different from Huddersfield’s 2-1 triumph over United in October 2017.

They had safeguarded honorably and baffled United until Lukaku’s achievement.

They attempted to take the diversion to United on their uncommon counter-assaults yet they neglected to enlist a shot on focus in the amusement and just a single exertion off target.

The Terriers were eleventh in the table after the triumph against United on 21 October, yet have won just three times in the class since and taken only 12 focuses from a conceivable 51.

Up and coming recreations against kindred strugglers West Brom, Swansea, Crystal Palace and Newcastle will be vital to their survival trusts.


Supporters watched a moment’s hush before commence as United checked a long time since the Munich air calamity.

Players wore dark armbands, while fans additionally got a memorial book and stick.

Prior to the amusement, supporters were welcome to offer their regards under the Munich plaque at the south-east corner of Old Trafford.

On 6 February 1958, a plane conveying Manchester United players and staff slammed at Munich airplane terminal with the club coming back from an European Cup diversion against Red Star Belgrade.

Twenty-three individuals kicked the bucket, including eight United players and three club authorities.

On the genuine day of the commemoration on Tuesday, there will be an administration inside the stadium, with a moment’s hush at 15:04 GMT – the exact time of the crash.

Man of the match – Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez may have lost ownership more regularly in this match than any Manchester United player has in any Premier League amusement this season, yet he was their greatest danger and drew foul after foul from Huddersfield


The United fans showed their appreciation for their new number seven…and his dogs


‘We needed to separate the Berlin Wall’

Manchester United director Jose Mourinho disclosed to BBC Sport: “We generally had control of the diversion, however at half-time it was 0-0. I figure we had around 85% ownership in the principal half yet it was insufficient. We continued doing likewise in the second and even at 1-0 we were absolutely in charge. Our protective line was a long way from the risk territories.

“We must be understanding however needed to keep the power high and the weight. We needed to separate the Berlin Wall sorted out so well by David Wagner.

“It was pleasant for Alexis Sanchez to win a match, the first at home. Decent for him to play well and demonstrate the want and satisfaction in playing football. That is generally critical. It was not the objective he had always wanted, but rather it is an objective.

“It is critical for the awful reasons [Munich air disaster] yet the recollections remain. The club takes a gander at the date and occasion as a key crossroads ever. It is decent to do that playing at home and winning.”

Huddersfield Town supervisor David Wagner revealed to BBC Sport: “It was a reasonable outcome, the better group won. We made it awkward for them, we needed to work and battle and remain together, that is the thing that the players have improved the situation a long stretch, however they utilized one of their odds and it was a merited outcome.

“I have seen what I needed to see, we won’t have a great part of the ball and not make numerous odds, so I can live with what I have seen with the dedication and exertion from the players. In the event that we play this way, at that point I am certain we will see the outcomes.”

‘I fear for Huddersfield’ – investigation

Previous England chief Alan Shearer on Match of the Day: “Alexis Sanchez had the effect. He was the player who had the drive, vitality, pace and hostility.

“It wasn’t an awesome execution from Manchester United yet it was a decent one from Sanchez. He was dragging his group forward with the pace of his play. He got the tad of fortunes his execution merited with the punishment round. He was their best player doubtlessly.”

Previous England midfielder Danny Murphy on Match of the Day: “Huddersfield have had two or three intense apparatuses. Be that as it may, they don’t appear as though they’re making any odds and we as a whole know how critical force is. There are different groups coming up around Huddersfield, and I fear for them.”

The details – Sanchez’s foul day

  • Lukaku has scored in consecutive Premier League diversions at Old Trafford out of the blue since September.
  • Huddersfield are the twentieth sequential group to lose their first Premier League visit to Old Trafford, since Derby County won 3-2 there in 1996-97.
  • This was the fifteenth clean sheet Manchester United have kept in the Premier League this season, more than some other side.
  • The Terriers neglected to score for the tenth time in Premier League away diversions this season, more than some other side in the opposition.
  • Sanchez has played a part in nine objectives in his last 10 Premier League diversions against recently advanced sides (eight objectives, one help).
  • The Chilean won seven fouls in this match – no player has been fouled more in a solitary Premier League amusement this season.
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Bitcoin Back Above $10K But Gains Could Be Short-Lived

Bitcoin is back above $10,000, however the additions could be brief, the value outlines show.

Having broken key help yesterday, costs on CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) tumbled to a two-week low of $9,627.89 at 01:14 UTC today. Over the most recent couple of hours, bitcoin (BTC) has figured out how to recapture some balance and moved back above $10,000. At time of composing, bitcoin was around the $10,300 stamp.

The 15 percent drop from the end of the week high of $11,942.25 signals a continuation of the arrangement of lower highs on the value graph, proposing the bears stay in charge.

Overall, the fast bounce back from $9,627.89 to $10,000 adds belief to the contention that the cryptographic money could be framing a base around $10,000.

Nevertheless, the 4.9 percent rally from the intraday low of $9,627 resembles a specialized remedy in the midst of a greater downtrend. Further, a break beneath $9,780 could bring about sharp misfortunes.

Bitcoin Chart

The above diagram (costs according to Coinbase) appears:

BTC shut (according to UTC) yesterday beneath $10,313 (50 percent Fibonacci retracement of 2017 low-high), flagging another triumph for the bears. Nevertheless, they have flopped no less than four times over the most recent two weeks to keep the costs beneath the key Fibonacci level, subsequently setting up it as a vital help level.

A falling channel set apart by falling trendlines speaking to bring down highs and lower lows.

Five-day moving normal (MA) and 10-day MA are drifting lower, showing a bearish setup.

The 50-day MA has received bearish inclination (is starting to slant downwards).

Additionally, the bearish move underneath $10,313 saw yesterday looks solid.

4-hour graph

The ADX line bottomed out yesterday and rose pointedly once costs fell underneath $10,313, demonstrating the bearish move is solid and costs will probably expand the decay.

As of now, the ADX line is at 29 and rising. The over 25 readings demonstrate the start of a pattern. In BTC’ case, it implies the bearish move has likely quite recently started.

Along these lines, the cryptographic money looks set to test $8,052 (61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement of 2017 low – high) finished the following couple of days.

Nonetheless, the above situation may not work out as intended if the rising trendline keeps on topping drawback in bitcoin.

Trendline Chart

The climbing trendline (drawn from Jul. 16 low and Sep. 15 low) is as yet in place. BTC’s plunge beneath the trendline seen before today was fleeting.


  • The earlier day’s nearby underneath $10,313 (50 percent Fibonacci retracement of 2017 low-high) has fortified the bears.
  • Nevertheless, the bounce back from the trendline bolster seen today calls for alert.
  • An everyday close (according to UTC) underneath the trendline support of $9,780 could yield a drop to $8,052 (61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement of 2017 low to high).
  • Bullish situation: A day-by-day close (according to UTC) above $11,690 would hand the tables over support of the bulls
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[Swimmer] 22-year-old Fu Yuanhui: its lingering as indulge combustion

Fuyuan Hui  birthday, so to state possibly wrong, on the grounds that Fu Yuanhui was conceived in 1996 22 years of age. Simply in the wake of encountering the 2015 World Championship to win the title in 2016 by uprightness of the “ancient power” ended up noticeably well known, she has been distributed for three back to back a long time on January 7 this day top presents articles on share the mindset of the previous year, so smooth self-investigation Has turned into a propensity, is the propensity for the writer Fu Yuanhui, yet additionally the propensity for perusers fans.

Everybody is acquainted with searching for pieces of information to development in this, in spite of the fact that this time is as yet a difficult memory loaded with scars. These genuine words are the genuine depiction of Fu Yuanhui. She can see that she has a more grounded inward articulation than customary competitors and can see the genuine heart of Fu Yuanhui and her agony.

0.01 second hit

July 28, 2017, this is Fu Yuanhui one more three day weekend. She remained on the edge of the pool in Budapest over and over “ruthlessly” rub her skin with nails. She simply needed to propel myself and return to that loaded with control.

Previous 100m backstroke last amusement thirteenth awful outcomes, so that “ancient young lady” nearly notoriety clear, this 50 Yang protecting the war can not be lost, she constrained paddling: “Big showdown that minute is urgently hard , Rushed forward, don’t talk any abilities. “At last, or 0.01 seconds distinction to the Brazilian competitors Medeiros went to the meeting zone Fu Yuanhui never again giggle, tears quit streaming, the last mental resistance was 0.01 seconds in a flash squashed.


Fu Yuanhui platform on the platform is as yet red eyes


I don’t trust she is speedier than me, she can not swim me. It is a pity that I cried, and I was exceptionally unconvinced along these lines. “Just Fu Yuanhui on the planet isn’t happy with her since she knew how much blood and sweat she had paid for it, and she ought to have domineered bless the most astounding platform, yet this joke was enormous.

Fuyuan Hui stated: “I would rather not get everything after the Olympic Games, as long as I came back to the title big showdowns.” She generally thinks about the character of the competitors, however this time emanation, she kept in mind the start.

For Fu Yuan Hui, she doesn’t care for the reticulation life, would prefer not to be excessively concerned, notwithstanding talking on the live stage, she gruffly fans don’t give her a blessing, should think about meandering around the little creatures.

Sadly, the fans are insane, devotee, and unreasonable. What’s more, now, it is a period of widespread fan economy. Fuyuan Hui isn’t the main star sportsman to be expended, yet she experiences indescribable agony.

Fu Yuanhui said that she would rather not make any outward appearance developments and talk no misrepresented words at the time, rather than demonstrating her the most obvious viewpoint to the outside world on the off chance that she knew such a scene previously. Can see that the massive floods of the outside world, despite the fact that the heart is generally develop, however fundamentally, she is as yet a 22-year-old tyke, her heart has unsalvageable harm.


Behind the red heart tragic


Live under the spotlight, a huge number of eyes among them, to state that individuals’ hearts can in any case be quiet, even the holy people are hard to do, Fu Yuanhui is the same, yet she has dependably been “incidental” into media outlets A perfect stream, she doesn’t care for bundling, just get a kick out of the chance to buckle down.

After Rio 2016, individuals recall the articulation bundle Fuyuan Hui, where are the articulation bundle. “You influence an outward appearance to sack!” “You say an amusing expression!” Fu Yuanhui great temper additionally fire “I am not an articulation bundle!” “I need to utilize evaluations to speak!” The more individuals concerned, The higher her own necessities, regardless of what the outside world is worried about, she just needs to demonstrate the significance of her reality with a gold award. “When they had such an elevated standard of me, I would consider whether I ought to be on a par with myself or change myself?” Her activities were the appropriate response.


Fu Yuan Hui fame burst


With a specific end goal to feature the 2017 – the World Championship protecting, around a half year time spent in serious preparing. The principal wave of the main hit is a feeling of stomach consuming, sickness, spewing, retching, yet additionally keep on traveling; the second wave is a cerebral pain part, just ice, ice blast after the torment, the station can not stand up; Three wave is coldblooded under the preparation of their own short board – to the edge of innovation, every chronograph can thump their hands broken. Lamp Festival pulled his thigh, Melbourne at 4 am, she hopped into the pool figure.

She generally jokes that she swims to hair loss, however just once she portrays it healthily as though she would run 400 meters full and after that rest for 10 seconds and afterward keep running until the point that her eyes are undetectable and breathing When it has turned out to be inadequate, the breaking point is nearly drawn nearer, and right now, keep on running. Notwithstanding the world Shanhaizi wave, nothing can stop her she needs to demonstrate that honest kid heart.

Quiet behind the quiet


To come clean, lost the champion Fu Yuanhui did not do anything incorrectly, the exertion ought to be multiplied, the torment she persevered through alone, yet the outcome isn’t agreeable. This outcome specifically prompted the alleged publicizing fly, the program less, a few people say that in the wake of returning from Budapest Fu Yuan Hui at last “vanishing”, a major oversight! She likewise took three gold decorations at the National Games, safeguarding the champion of 100 Yang, at the FINA yearly honors function, won the China Top Popularity Award. Still in the gaming field enslavement, still with companions Ke about a supper, her life has not changed, simply take a gander at her, changed.

Fuyuan Hui and Ke Jie


“I am a man living in my own reality, I couldn’t care less what others look like at me, and nobody will take a gander at me, I can do to pass the time.” She generally felt that very few individuals worried about her, and some are To watch her, these individuals are absent minded, as long as a newcomer out, she can kick the bucket on the shoreline. Living in a little world – Fu Yuan Hui agreeable, yet additionally self image, which can make her smoothly confront the great and terrible life, and the beliefs of industrious consuming their own Fanghua.

The 22-year-old Fu Yuanhui, obviously, can keep on running gladly and dauntlessly. The 21-year-old hardships are the huge prairies of future life. The greatest development of the year is that as opposed to waiting, it is smarter to enjoy consuming. Dream buds survive the winter will sprout once more!

Be vilified star, it is hard to see the internal world. In any case, individuals who know Fu Yuanhui realize that she is such a reckless, crazy, and sometimes need to stow away in the corner isn’t discovered polyhedron. She is such a charming young lady who cherishes perusing books, adores stray creatures, and loves cash for her loess. Just, these outside world couldn’t care less. The outside world simply need to know, what exercises she went to take an interest in, yet in addition with whom to eat, shopping road, what brand of auto purchased.

This is likely the inconveniences can not grow up, but rather likewise to Fu Yuan Hui to rehearse the internal reality, just the heart all the more intense, can oppose an assortment of gossipy tidbits need and can not consider.

22-year-old Fu Yuan-hui is a flat out veteran, and she was as yet a tyke grow up inside. May she in the pool can likewise be as free as before coast, slip to the opposite side of the following dream

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Fu Yuan Hui Upgraded Expression Package

CCTV sports channel swimming special reporter Sun Xue Sun Fu in the personal social platform freshening Fu Hui expression package, and the message wrote: “Yesterday released a group of Fu Mito, we all think the United States Unreal, and this group seems to be really Fuyuan Hui today. You cannot @ she ah ~ I am afraid to be beaten. “Lead users hot.”


It is understood that this is Fu Yuan Hui held in Hainan in 2017 FINA swimming gala took photos.


Compared with previous exaggerated laughs, Fu Yuanhui curl this expression package is undoubtedly “upgraded version”, much like users.



After the Rio Olympics, Fu Yuanhui exploded the image of “The Uprising Girl,” and overnight became the idol that everyone in the world knew. The place where she left behind countless expressive pack legends. However, this did not affect the achievements and swimming career Fu Yuan Hui, but let her more and more fans and citizens favorite, a Chinese swimming team “first red.” This time came to Hainan, Fu Yuanhui is undoubtedly one of the most popular among the popular even more than Sun Yang and Ye Shiwen two Olympic champions, wherever he went, overcrowded, quite popular.

Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Making Everyone Fall In Love With Her

At the point when a mother feline from Eastern Cape, South Africa, brought forth three sound little cats a week ago, her proprietor was astounded to discover four — not three — small infant noses sniffing around her home.

In the wake of getting a more critical look, she saw that one of the little cats, later named Bettie Bee, was really conceived with two noses, two mouths and three eyes: an amazingly uncommon inherent condition called Craniofacial duplication, which copies certain facial highlights in the womb.

While Bettie Bee was solid generally, her two mouths made nursing troublesome — so her proprietor knew she expected to discover somebody who could help raise her. That is the point at which she found a nearby rescuer with encounter raising unique needs felines who was ready to take her in immediately.

“She was conceived on December 12 and I went to bring her the exact next morning,” Bettie Bee’s rescuer, who wishes to stay mysterious, revealed to The Dodo. “I took her to the vet that day and his first assessment was to put her down. However, she was, at 1 day old at that point, exceptionally feisty. We needed to give her a possibility. What’s more, she’s been flourishing.”


Presently 1 week old, it didn’t take ache for Bettie Bee to take her rescuer’s heart — and she’s doing likewise for everybody who sees her via web-based networking media. Her rescuer was so overpowered with messages and companion asks for about Bettie Bee that she chose to make a fan page for her, where updates will keep on coming in as the unique feline grows up.

In spite of the fact that Bettie Bee experienced difficulty nursing normally, she’s doing prosperity tube-encouraged and shockingly can eat through both of her mouths. Both lead down to her stomach, so she hasn’t had any issues getting her tummy full.

While Bettie Bee’s condition is very uncommon, it’s additionally been found in pigs, cows and even people. A few creatures influenced by this attribute kick the bucket earlier or soon after birth — while others go ahead to live upbeat, sound lives. A contemptible feline named Frankenlouie, who passed away in 2014, lived to 15 years of age.

Regardless of the chances, Bettie Bee’s rescuer is certain that the little feline will grow up solid and sound.

“She’s stunning — despite everything I take a gander at her and can’t trust she’s genuine,” she said. “I’m taking it step by step and expectation she will proceed to flourish and be with myself and my better half for a long time. It’s superb to perceive what number of individuals are pulling for her.”

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Man’s Vaping Device Explodes – Blows Fleshy Hole in His Tongue

Kenneth Barbero of Albany, NY was getting a charge out of a pleasant millennial Vaping session when the hand-held gadget he was utilizing exploded in his face; thumping out teeth, tearing an opening in his tongue and leaving his hands shrouded in consumes.

“[It was] like a M80 bomb went off in my mouth,” Barbero disclosed to CNN member WTEN through justifiably suppressed discourse.

Barbero’s mom revealed to WTEN she supposes the vaporizer’s battery detonated. “The battery had detonated inside and everything shot out…went into his mouth and consumed everything,” she said.

With regards to Vaping mishaps, these blasts appear to be a consistent theme: Earlier in May, an Alabama high scholar was scorched after a schoolmate’s e-cigarette detonated and sent a hot battery flying into his face. In February 2016, sensational corner store security film demonstrated a man’s leg being inundated by blazes, a clear consequence of another e-cigarette blast.

The rundown continues forever, however as per a delegate from the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, the event is both uncommon and preventable.

“It’s less an issue of the e-vapor item however with the lithium batteries they are utilizing, and most are confused to the charger,” TVECA’s Tom Kiklas told CNN in February.

On the off chance that you need to Vape and guarantee the greater part of your facial highlights remain appended, Kiklas suggests utilizing just the batteries and accusing extras that happen to or are made for the item. He likewise prompts against putting any e-cigarette gadget in pockets, since coins can rub against the gadget and short out the lithium battery.