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Eminem’s New Album Title Could Very Well Be The Third Part Of A Trilogy

There’s an entire viral marketing campaign underway as well

Eminem fans have been looking forward to the drop of a new album for a long time now, and late Wednesday (October 25), they may have gotten their first promising beacon of hope via a somehow opaque Instagram post.

Em’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg uploaded a pic of the new Yelawolf album (on CD!) called Trial By Fire, ostensibly hyping it before Friday’s release. But fans were more interested in what’s in the background: a strategically placed advertisement for what looks to be a pharmaceutical drug called Revival.

Billboard points out that some eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed that the “E” in Revival is styled backwards at the bottom of the ad, in the same way that the “E” in Eminem’s logo appears.

Beyond that, a website for Revival exists showing an image that implies the drug could be taken via ear and that it works better than a “bullshit placebo.” There’s a phone number listed, too: 1-833-2GET-REV. (Call it for a surprise.)

And of course, there’s the fact that two of Em’s previous albums are titled Relapse and Recovery. Revival would thematically make sense as a related entry.

Em popped back up earlier this month for his furious BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, in which he called out Donald Trump’s endless hypocrisy and genuine despicableness, and via a guest verse on P!nk’s song “Revenge.” Hey, that’s another “re-” word.


Sam Smith’s Heartbreaking New Song Is His ‘Most Personal’ Yet

‘Burning’ might be his most moving ballad since ‘Stay With Me’

Remember the first time you heard Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me?” Chances are, you cried your eyes out or, at the very least, got goosebumps from hearing him sing so beautifully about something so heartbreaking. Well, folks, the British crooner has done it again, releasing a poignant ballad that’ll tug hard at your heartstrings.

On Friday (October 27), Smith released “Burning,” a melancholic piano ballad in which he sings about the regret and longing he felt in the aftermath of a breakup. “I’ve been burning up since you left,” he admits, repenting for smoking too many cigarettes and losing too many friends.

In an interview with BBC Radio’s MistaJam, Smith said “Burning” is his favorite song from his forthcoming album, The Thrill of It All.

“It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written in my life,” he revealed. “I was going through a really tough time last year. I live in London, and I went through a breakup. And I dealt with the breakup in a bad way, and I was just going out way too much. I was burning, in a way.”

Music is therapy to Smith, but after that breakup, it took him six weeks to beat writer’s block and get back into the studio. When he finally did, “Burning” was the first song he wrote.

“I let everything go in that song,” Smith said. “And that song to me is about fame as well, and the responsibilities I felt and the pressure and my relationship with my voice and how I was a bit rebellious last year. It’s about self-destruction.”

“Burning” is the third taste we’ve gotten of The Thrill of It All, following “Too Good at Goodbyes” and “Pray.” The album arrives on November 3.