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Many tend to spend their life in leisure after getting retirement from the government service. But in the case of Prem Lopchan, it is otherwise, lie has become more active than he was during his 30 years’ career in Nepal Police. He got retirement from the post of Deputy Inspector of Nepal a few months ago.

“When many friends are spending their retired life comfortably, I feel. I have become more active after I got retirement from Nepal Police.” said Lopchan who returned to Kathmandu recently after performing in the USA. A talent in dancing and singing, Lopchan spent his days in Nepal Police as an artist performing in different occasions and working at the Culture section of the Mahendra Police Club. Born in Wuwa VDC, Sindupalchowk district, Lopchan was good in singing and dancing since his childhood. Seeing the skills of a young boy of 11-12 years of age in dancing and singing during the wedding and other ceremonies in the villages, many villagers used to predict that he would be a successful artist one day. The predictions of the illiterate villagers came to true once he fled his village at the tender age of 13 and landed in Kathmandu.

Luck also favored him and he joined the Nepal Police which turned a platform for him to show dancing and singing talents and hone further skills, lie never became second in the group-wise cultural program that used to he held every Friday in the police organization. Although a policeman, he did not have to carry the gun when he won the hearts of the police officers through his performance in the occasional in-house cultural programs, lie also got an opportunity to learn music from the Band battalion of Nepal Police and work at the Culture section of the MPC. lie learned music from Gopal Yonjan. Raj Pal Thapa and Buddhi Pariyar and other music maestros.

This opportunities helped him not only to become a successful artist of Nepal Police but also encouraged him to collect and show typical dances and songs of different ethnic communities of the country, l ie visited several places to find the songs and dances of different communities and became an expert in the traditional dances of various ethnic communities. 1 his is way many take Lopchan as a synonymy to original Nepali culture. He has been working to preserve the cultures of various ethnic communities by bringing them into limelight. He himself performs the dances and songs which he discovered over the years.

Although many want to become an artist for fame and fortune, Lopchan just keeps on working and said, “If you keep on woiking, you will become successful one day.” He has enriched (he Nepali music sector by offering a dozen of music albums. He had launched his first album in Himalayan History in 1986 lie has also directed seven music videos. Besides, Lopchan starred Nangiiia. a fanning movie.

He has been performing overseas where Nepalese have been living and has been impressed by the love shown by the migrated Nepalese to the typical Nepalese dances and songs. A veteran artist, Lopchan wants to work in the cultural sector of the country until he breaths his last.


Marne Bhayo By Raj Sigdel

Talented singer Raj Sigdel just released audio for his new song “Marne Bhayo”. This song is written and composed by Birbikram Magar. The song represents sentimental emotions of the person. Currently the audio has been released under Soor Sangeet Nepal and its official video is about to be released soon.

Song: Marne Bhayo
Vocal: Raj Sigdel
Lyric: Birbikram Magar
Music: Birbikram Magar
Recording Studio: Digital Kathmandu
Mixed: Dika Gurung
Arrange: Raju Khadka