Ever faced blackout or load shedding? Ever lost your control over internet due to power failure at your home or office? Ever been tired of losing lots of money on expensive mobile data plans just because your internet router says good bye? Ever felt disgusted towards worthless payment of internet bills? Ever felt ashamed of being unable to provide internet connection to your friends and relatives visiting your home?

Indeed it does happens to most of us. And we Nepalese in Kathmandu are extremely affected by the load shedding problems as we face daily more than 15 hours of load shedding most of the days of year. Yes, its unbelievable but its bitter fact and we do need solutions. Even if you have high power battery and inverter, they don’t get going long enough during long power-loss or load-shedding period and even sometimes your parents may not wish to serve power to your internet router. And that’s why you fail for your internet router due to priority crisis.

Finally, its time to get over this petty yet big problem. We came with a solution that can eliminate the complication at no real cost. And the solution comes really handy, as it is a very simple DIY project that can power your internet router via backup option. Yes, get ready to endorse those problems a good bye forever.

The things you need:

>>> Router’s adapter socket
>>> USB power bank
>>> Useless USB mouse (for reuse only, else get USB jack from anywhere possible)
>>> Cutter
>>> Multimeter

This video shows all step by step procedures for our DIY project. You may follow the video and design for yourself easily at almost
no expenses at all. Expenses only grow with your demands. So, go for it. Watch the video below.

If you need more help with project’s stepwise descriptions, then follow Electro-Sapience on this project here.

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