Male Vocal: Rupesh Jha
Female Vocal: Neepa Chaudhry
Violin: Manohar Sunam
Recording Studio:  Studio Sound Design
Sound Recordist: Bhola Paudel
Arranging/Mixing/Mastering: Furqan Khan

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-Moin Uddin Sitting at the bank of the river I am letting my mind to be free Thoughts keep arranging words to see you be with me. I don’t know why it longs, but it sets me free To go wild silently, and be in your memories. You might…
-Moin Uddin I want to write a poem for you But I don’t know about you I heard that you’re a princess But I never got an opportunity to know you my mistress. I have seen you from far away You looked beautiful Stars and moon were…
-Moin Uddin In this pretty sunny morning I keep going back to the days when we became friends That was a time when we were kids And we met there in class one not knowing each other’s deeds. You were cute and I loved it You were smart…
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