Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Bite a Smartphone Battery

You realize that cell phone batteries can be quite perilous things, isn’t that so?

Like, with all the complain about those detonating Samsung’s a short time back, without a doubt people got the message that these capricious and conceivably combustible parts aren’t a remark around with?

All things considered, on the off chance that you disregarded all that hoopla, possibly this crazy film of a man gnawing into a cell phone battery like it was some sort of non-detonating wonderful bite will fill in as an accommodating refresher on what sort of devices shouldn’t be placed in your mouth (essentially every one of them, parents).

This unfortunate client was supposedly looking for another swap battery for his iPhone at a gadgets store in China last Friday when – amidst his watchful item thoughts – he chose to nibble one of the batteries he was thinking about buying.

At that point this happened:

As should be obvious, no sooner has this person sunk his teeth into the battery when it detonates directly before his face, with a gigantic fireball overwhelming the item work area, disseminating stunned clients who instinctually withdraw from the impact.

Unfathomably, no one was harmed in this unusual mishap, which is all the more wonderful given the detonating part is obviously being held just creeps from the man’s face – and close by to different clients, as well.

Obviously, now you’ve seen the recording – which was transferred to Chinese video site Miaopai and has since been seen a huge number of times – you’re most likely pondering exactly why this man chose to coolly chomp a cell phone battery amidst a swarmed hardware store.

To be completely forthright, no one truly knows the response to that one. Some figure he may have been endeavoring to check the genuineness of the part by ensuring it wasn’t some economically influenced thump to off.

Much the same as the respected routine with regards to gnawing gold to check whether it’s genuine, the client may have accepted he could depend on the same tried and true strategy to affirm the authenticity of a rechargeable lithium-particle battery… which, clearly, you can’t.

While the poor person took in his lesson the most difficult way, it’s simply the most recent case of how unsafe lithium-particle batteries can be if their packaging gets suddenly cracked, in which case it’s conceivable their cathode and anode may come into contact with each other, developing serious levels of warmth.

A related threat is when deserts called dendrites develop inside batteries, separating compartment obstructions and prompting a similar warm runaway issue.

This is the reason researchers are caught up with endeavoring to create batteries that close down at high temperatures, notwithstanding joining things like fire resistant solvents in the terminal.

Regardless we’re holding up to see these sorts of advancements take off in the market, however while we do, allows all recall this poor man’s sad shopping knowledge – and ensure we don’t nibble any batteries as he did.

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