Do you have singing talent?
Do you like to dance?
Do you play music?
Do you make pranks or funny videos?
Do you make short movies?
Do you shoot stunt videos?
Do you shoot traveling videos?
Do you shoot animal videos?
Do you shoot weddings?
Do you shoot ads?
Do you make any kind of tutorials?
Do you shoot port folios?
Do you make movies?
Do you shoot anything interesting?
And do you like to earn?
Earn from your videos on youtube!

Yes, your creativity out of your dedicated time, your effort and your investment on videos aren’t worthless after all. Earning is easy from our channels’ platforms now. You just need to make any video(original), make us upload for you and you will just start getting paid according to good views received by your video.

*** What’s new? And how it works? ***

Its not easy to get a verified adsense account for all in order to earn from youtube. But now you don’t need to have your own adsense approved verified account to earn. Neither you need to receive and verify pin and wait for your earning reach $100.00 finalized threshold and then qualify for checks/electronics transfer which is real long journey and causes many of us give it up. “Feeling relieved?”

We can make your videos worth more than what google adsense genuinely pays its publishers. Reason is that we are not solely dependent on google adsense to get you paid for your videos but we have our own advertisers who desire to advertise on our platform and so it is a kind of revenue share program. “Sounds great, right?”

Our unique scheme is clearly unbeatable. “All thanks to our master minds.”

It is as simple as any other media which pays its content providers while the media earns from advertisers willing to advertise their product on media’s platform.

*** How to get started? ***

You just provide us with your video to be uploaded from our youtube channel “Entflame” under website and the journey begins. A video earns NRs.100.00 equivalent to $1.00 per 1000 views considering the views are not manipulated by inactive or fake views. Our company owns NRs.10 for its services and provides artist NRs.90 per 1000 views.

And moreover we’ve attractive offer for those who invest on ads/promotion of their video to be presented as sponsored content on youtube, facbook, twitter and other platforms. It is done in order to reach a lot more people who may find the video interesting and probably respond, hit like, share, etc. and thus help the video gain more publicity, popularity and finally make more money. They should have minimum budget of NRs.2000 for their advertisement and maximum is upon themselves for better advertisement. And they will get 40% of their advertisement investment covered and returned within 1 month which is guaranteed which is balanced by the number of views in that period. And we recommend promoting your videos for your own best.

*** Important things to know: ***

a. You must make your original video. Copyright infringement is strictly unacceptable.

b. You shall not make controversial videos or videos falsely defaming anyone.

c. Politically conflicting videos may or may not be accepted.

d. Payment isn’t time dependent and as soon as one qualifies with their 1000 new good views from last payment, they will get paid.

e. Payments can be made through esewa account or your bank account or you may collect from our office.

f. Fake or manipulated youtube views are useless since our analytic shows genuine/active views. Only such views make the video content worth income generating. And that’s why we consider active views and estimated watch time for evaluation of actual real views. It means we are here to help true artists who are unsatisfied by their inability to earn despite working hard on their video makings but we are not here for deceivably talented people who just own fake views and popularity for show off. And a lot of fake viewership will be disqualified from earning but they can still participate in the channel as they wish.

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