Thor’s most recent antagonist—Hela, the Goddess of Death—is now turned out to be his greatest adversary yet in our first take a glimpse at the following Thor film. Mjolnir is gone, Asgard is sundered, and most shockingly of all: the God of Thunder’s been given a hair style.

Likely, so we thought about the hair style as of now—it’s a piece of Thor’s new gladiatorial look, yet at the same time, it’s sort of stunning to see it in real life in and among the franticness that is whatever is left of this trailer.

What’s more, there is a great deal is going on. War in Asgard, Loki stirring blades like a rebel, and obviously, that minute amongst Thor and Hulk in the field. This looks fun as damnation—more like an intensification of the Team Thor shrts than both of the previous two Thor movies—and absolutely wild.

Thor: Ragnarok swings into theaters in November.